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Are you concerned about the impact of lockdown on your child’s education?

Would you like to boost their skills and self-confidence in English and/or Maths?

Are you looking to give your child a head-start for their 11+ exams?

Here, at Kip McGrath, Chelmsford North, our tutors are experienced teachers, used to catering for the needs of individual children of all abilities and boosting their skills and self-confidence. 

At the initial assessment, one of our friendly, professional teachers, will work with your child, to identify any gaps and strengths in their learning.  Our skilled tutors quickly put children at ease and the assessment is designed to encourage your child to show what he or she can do.  Afterwards, the tutor will chat to you, to discuss what they’ve found out and how to move forwards.

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  • an individualised learning programme, tailored to your child’s individual needs.
  • one-to-one teaching and support
  • tutoring that supports and enhances the learning done in school
  • experienced and professional staff
  • updates for parents on progress
  • reassurance and confidence boosting
  • a positive, ‘can do’ approach, as we know how important self-belief is to learning





I have taught in numerous schools across Essex and had the benefit of working with a wide range of age groups and achievement levels. Together with my fellow teachers, we bring a wealth of subject knowledge and teaching experience to our education centre situated in the heart of Beaulieu Square, Chelmsford.


I am currently in my 9th year of teaching in a state primary school and my 2nd year of tutoring at Kip. I have experience working across both Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 as I completed my first few years of teaching in Year 1, then progressed to Year 2 and more recently have moved into the Juniors teaching Years 4 and 5.


I have been an educator throughout my working career. I knew from the age of 16 that I only ever wanted to be a teacher, and here I am, still enjoying what I’m doing all these years later. I have taught subjects across the whole curriculum, but I have a particular enjoyment in teaching English, but even more so, for mathematics. I find it just fascinating.


I am a secondary Maths teacher, working with students from Year 7 to Year 11. I played with the idea of teaching when I was in sixth form as I loved my maths classes but went to university to study Electronic Engineering. After uni I was a little unsure of what I wanted to do, and didn’t want to go into industry so thought I’d give teaching a go after all - and have loved it ever since!


I have been teaching for over 10 years now. My Specialism is Maths, with experience teaching from Primary School, up to A-Level. I started tutoring with Kip about 6 months ago and have experienced some in house tutoring, but due to obvious reasons, have mainly been doing online tutoring.


Our centre is part of a worldwide tutoring organisation, founded in 1976 in Australia.  With over 560 centres globally, we know what works.

Here at Kip McGrath Chelmsford North, we pride ourselves on upholding that reputation.  Click here to read what parents, children and a local headteacher have to say about our centre.

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